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Courses We Offer


Digital DJ (Rekordbox) - 25 Sessions - Batch Size: 2 Students Max

While Traxeon Music House Professional Track condenses their curriculum into an intense 25 Sessions time frame with multiple meetings per week, with each course meeting trice weekly
DJ Certificate students progress from complete beginner to performance-ready DJ, learning:
DJ history and culture
Ins and outs of industry standard equipment (CDJs, mixers, speakers, etc.)
Basic to advanced mixing and blending
Beat Grid markers
Manual Loops
Auto Loops
Beat Matching
Basic to intermediate scratching
Mastery of industry standard software (Ex. Rekordbox)
Troubleshooting in a live scenario
Switching in and out with other DJs in a live performance setting(Optional)
Fundamental marketing and branding
All Certification Track graduates receive a plaque in recognition of their achievement.
Total Fees :- 30000/-


Electronic Music Production Course

Platform DAW :- FL STUDIO - 2 Months - 3 Days/week

Term 1

Module 1 : Introduction

Overview of Course
Studio Equipment
Signal Flow

Module 2 : DAW

DAW Interface
Samples ,MIDI & VSTS

Module 3 : Fundamentals : Drums

Functional Elements of Beat
Examples of different genre
Drum programming

Module 4 : Music Theory - I

Scale Degrees
Modes, Chords

Module 5 : Fundamentals : Bass

Bassline Instruments
Examples of different genre
Bassline Programming

Term 2

Module 6 : Music Theory - II

Advanced Scales
Relative Scales
Melodies, Harmonies

Module 7 : Sound Design

Intro : Wave-shapes & Osciallators
Osc envelope (ADSR)
Filter & Filter Envelope
Sound Design : Bass, Lead, Pluck & Pads

Module 8 : Track Arrangement

Track Analysis
Concept of Track Arrangement
Completing individual track arrangements

Module 9 : Final Mix-down

Audio signal , Dynamic Range & Headroom

Total Fees :- 49999/-


Certificate Course in Instruments and Vocals

Duration - Minimum 1 Year Certificate Course

Diploma for 2 Years


Guitar , Synthesizers, Drums , Tabla , Violin, Bansuri etc.

Vocals - Indian Classical Vocals , Lite Music Vocals

FEES   -   2000 Per Month ( Academic Classes )

                3500 Per Month ( For Home Classes )

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